Why Purpose Matters to Your Career

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Hi, I'm Laura Simms.

I help people do more meaningful work. Everything I do is grounded in principles of purpose. 

Here's your crash course: 


What’s my purpose? 

Well, ya don’t have one. 

At least, not like you’re thinking. You have no star-crossed, one ring to rule them all, pre-ordained, capital P purpose. (Takes the pressure off, doesn’t it?) 



You do have a sense of purpose

It’s influenced by your life experience, values, and circumstances. It’s fluid and changes as you grow and change. You have one, even if you’re not clear about what it is now.  


How can I figure out my sense of purpose? 

This is a great starting place. 


Why does purpose matter to my career? 

On a small scale, purpose can help you discover the right career, know which business to start, focus how you spend your time, keep you motivated, and make decision-making much easier (Should I quit my job? What should my business offer? Is this the right opportunity for me?).

On a larger scale, purpose is the foundation of the new career paradigm we’re in. If you’re frustrated in your career, it’s because the game has changed. It’s like you’re doing all the right things to score a goal in soccer, but we’re actually playing Quidditch. But nobody told you that until now. And I’m sorry about that, because you must be exhausted

Purpose is everything to your career.  



Don't get me started. That is one of the most misguided pieces of career advice ever to be uttered from well-meaning lips. 

You should absolutely be doing work you love, but you don't have to "do what you love" in order to love what you do.

Following your passion and "just be practical" (the other worst piece of advice) don't always work, but starting from purpose is remarkably reliable. That's what we do in my career change program, Your Career Homecoming.  

Who can use purpose IN THEIR CAREER?

Anyone who wants to do meaningful work: artists, scientists, teachers, engineers, coaches. My clients have been executives, stay at home moms returning to work, new college graduates, department heads, admin assistants. They've worked for major news outlets, ivy league universities, nationally recognized non-profits, huge corporations, small businesses, and themselves. 

What they all have in common is the drive to do something that matters without sacrificing the life they want to build for themselves. That's what I help them do. 



You can create meaning for your life and the world through your work.

Your work should be making an impact that feels meaningful to you AND getting you closer to the life you want. Win-win.


What will it be like when I start to use this purpose stuff?  

Purpose is powerful fuel.

Even stronger than coffee. When you connect with your sense of purpose, everything becomes clear, focused, and fueled from within. Running a business, applying for jobs, choosing priorities? Goodbye confusion, hello confidence. It’s hard to stop a person on a mission.


How can I use purpose in my career starting today? 

Join my free Resource Library and find the resources that apply to your current career situation. You’ll also be invited to join my free Facebook group, which is a great community of people pursuing meaningful work. 


How can I learn more about purpose? 

You can check out these articles and this book


AND...How do you know all of this stuff?

Six years of helping people like you, personal experience, research, and a life-altering ah-ha moment. 

You can read my story here.