Career Advice They Haven't Heard

"I just wanted to send you a huge personal thank you for your talk. You have already shifted how I think and I honestly thought there was ‘nothing new under the sun,’ but you have such a different perspective and it is revolutionary."




Speaking of meaningful work

Your audience craves more than tips and tricks; They're ready for a complete paradigm shift.

By helping them identify their sense of purpose, ditch the conventional career advice that has them going in circles, and see the path towards more meaningful work, that's what I'll give your audience. 

If you're looking for a memorable speaker to keynote your event, unite your team, and motivate your community, then let's talk. I can tailor my talk to the needs and interests of your crowd. 

This former actor knows how to work a stage and rock a mic. You can expect career advice your audience has never heard (truly), personal stories, laughs, memorable metaphors, and insight on how to apply what they've learned.

Your audience will leave feeling grounded, capable, hopeful, and with tools to create lasting change. 

You can learn more about my philosophy or visit my media page

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  • Ditch Your Passions and Start With Purpose

  • The Purpose Paradigm: The truth about modern, meaningful careers

  • Your Career Homecoming: How to discover your meaningful career

committed to your community

If my schedule permits, I prefer to stay for the entire event or conference. As an audience member, I've always found it exciting to to see the speakers after the talk when there's no stage between us. Meet and greets or chance encounters at lunch can be just as special as a keynote speech. I like to stick around and really be part of the community you've put so much effort into creating. 


Start the Conversation

I'm available for keynotes, workshops, panels, and interviews.
Got a podcast? I love those, too. 




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As a guest lecturer for my students, Laura brought a free and invigorating voice that inspired my students' creativity, emphasized and supported my curriculum, and motivated all of us. In my many years of teaching, I have never met anyone like Laura. Her serenity, thoughtfulness, and expertise are matched by no other.

LAURA RIKARD, Stephen F. Austin University

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Laura Simms was a wonderful guest speaker for my graduate-level class at University of California, Irvine. She shared her experience and expertise in an easy, warm-hearted, and business-focused manner.  Sassy and savvy, playful and purposeful—she brought a message of “you can do it!” and perhaps more importantly, “here's how.”


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I had the pleasure of introducing a panel that Laura was on at the Texas Conference for Women, Re-inventing Your Career. Laura was fantastic. She gave the audience lots of simple, memorable tips and tools within the career development space. Her professional yet approachable style and ability to speak in very human truisms I found both unique and refreshing. 


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Laura Simms provided our students with several sessions of very practical, very positive advice about building a career. Better yet, Laura offered them excellent counsel about making a life after graduation, about building successful business and personal relationships that can sustain young graduates as they work themselves up.

JAY ONEY, Furman University

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Laura made a successful connection with my students through her authentic, engaging, and humorous presentation style. She asked important questions regarding careers in a way that was both accessible and thought-provoking. Her presentation helped our students explore their motivation and aspirations to help others while providing them with a starting point to build their professional identities.

CYNDRA KROGEN-MORTON, Stephen F. Austin University