You need someone who can see who you are, nurture what you're capable of, and give it to you straight.  


Great; that’s exactly what I do. Here's how we can work together:



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Your Career Homecoming™  is for people who know they want to do more meaningful work...but aren't sure what that looks like.

Should you start a business? Take a different role in the same industry? Try  a total start over? Find a steady companion career you'll love as you pursue a creative calling? 

In Your Career Homecoming, you'll discover the rewarding work that's right for you, and develop the confidence and practical plan to transition into your Homecoming Career. 

Striking the right balance of passions, purpose, lifestyle desires, and income requirements within your career can be a huge challenge. Your Career Homecoming can shortcut years of frustration, false starts, indecisiveness, and second-guessing.


90 Day Business Launch is exclusively for people who know what service-based, online business they want to start (or relaunch). 

Creative career coach Michelle Ward and I join forces to design a custom launch plan unique to you and your business idea. That's right: we do it for you so all you have to do is follow your plan. Within 90 days, you'll be able to launch your business. 

90 Business Launch is only available a few times a year and because of the level of personal attention provided, spots are limited. 

To learn more and get on our information waitlist, please visit our website.