I help people do more meaningful work. 

Since 2011, I've worked with all kinds of people: jewelry makers, climate scientists, teachers, engineers, novelists. My clients have been executives, stay at home moms returning to work, new college graduates, department heads, admin assistants. They've worked for major news outlets, ivy league universities, nationally recognized non-profits, huge corporations, small businesses, and themselves. 

What they all have in common is the drive to do something that matters without sacrificing the life they want to build for themselves. That's what I help them do.

I call it a "career homecoming," because finding the right career feels like coming home. 

If you're ready to find a career that allows you to contribute, uses your strengths, meets your income needs, and complements your life instead of competing with it, I can help. 



My approach to career Change is: 

Holistic career change.png


Most career change methodologies take a very academic approach to your career, as if you can be summed up by a list of transferable skills. We consider your whole person and how your career will contribute to the life you want to live.


practical career change.png


This is a unicorn­-free zone. While big dreams are encouraged, fantasy is not. We don’t assume that if you love something enough or work hard enough that things will work out, because life doesn’t always work like that. 

safe career change.png


While it's impossible to eliminate risk when you make a change, you don't need to be reckless. We use a checks and balances system to ensure that you won’t make the same mistakes you’ve made in the past or get invested in something that sounds enticing but is not actually a match for you.

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