Why You Should Produce Crappy Stuff

In the professional world, there is a big emphasis on creating excellent work.

And there should be. No one wants crappy products, services, and art cluttering up the yard.

But here's what doesn't get mentioned:

Most works of excellence start out pretty crappy.

I'd put money on J.K. Rowling's first ever draft of Harry Potter being kinda lame. Incomplete and sketchy at best. Dontcha think Lady Gaga had some bad, bad song lyrics that evolved into something sensational? And what about Tom Hanks? You know his first rehearsal for some things are crap.

Whatever your concept of excellence is, know that the things you highly value likely began as so-so. They were refined and crafted, sometimes quickly, sometimes taking longer. They were a kernel of genius that needed space to flail, be ugly, and grow.

Craftsmanship takes time.

Start with a rough piece of wood, hack out a shape, and smooth out the surface as you go. But you have to start with the hacking or nothing interesting will emerge.

So, yes, you should absolutely bring works of beauty and sophistication into the world. But be ok starting with some crap.

What do excellent creators do that mediocre ones don't? They start. A lot.

What will you start hacking at? What crappy thing will you produce? Let me know in the comments.