When You Should Work for Free

In addition to working with career changers, I work with a lot folks who are just starting their own businesses. Coaches, writers, trainers, artists--at some point, they all usually land on the same hot topic: "Should I work for free?"

There are a lot of opinions floating around about free, many of which are conflicting.

"Give your best stuff away for free."

"Charge your worth."

"I built my six-figure business by giving things away."

"My business didn't take off until I quit doing stuff for free."

Not entirely helpful. Everyone has an anecdote, but anecdotes don't provide helpful guidelines for making your own decision. But this video does.

I'll tell you the 4 circumstances under which you should consider doing work for free. Then you'll always have a little check-list to guide your decisions, and won't swayed by the chatter about free.

Your turn: Have you strategically worked for free? What did you get in return?