These Women Launched Their Businesses in 90 Days. Here's How They Found the Time.

Time is one of the big obstacles that keeps people from starting a business. And I get it. I launched while working part-time and then continued to run my business the next year when I took a full-time job for a few months. (No shame in the day job.)

But really?

When you know what to focus your time on, you don't need as much of it. 

In the past year, I've watched clients launch their businesses in 90 days with about 10 hours a week. I asked a few of them to share how they managed to find the time. Here they share their time challenges, and how they overcame them. 

CHALLENGES: Whew! I did 90 day business launch while I worked a full-time job 45 minutes from my house & was parenting my then 1 year old! 

HOW SHE DID IT: I worked on it in the evenings, weekends and during nap times. My husband was a big help in helping give me the time to get it done. It was hard especially with a toddler but it was worth every minute!



CHALLENGES: I was working full-time in the corporate world, and for the majority of the 90 days was also undertaking another semester of my Masters degree.

HOW SHE DID IT: On weekdays, I often got up an hour earlier and used that time to work on my business. I definitely wouldn't say that I'm naturally a morning person, so I had to actively adjust my sleeping patterns, but I found that quiet, early morning window of time, before the day really gets going and interruptions arise, a really productive period. I also stayed back at the office late once or twice a week, working on my business after hours. I found if I went home, I could easily get distracted by a myriad of chores (or Netflix!); if I stayed at work, I got things done!



CHALLENGES: My biggest time obstacle was working full-time, but I was (am) also taking my coach training and had to put in the work for that.

HOW SHE DID IT: Weekends were definitely when most of the work got done, but I also found time in the evenings, especially because a lot of the work was still new and exciting. Even when things were hard or frustrating, knowing that I was building something I really wanted helped me find little pockets of time. And I got serious about taking an actual lunch break at the day job, which was great for me to draft and edit content.



CHALLENGES: I was working full time and began the search for relocation back to the states from overseas. 

HOW SHE DID IT: I woke up early to work before the day job. During lunch I would make social media post or check in with Facebook groups that offered networking opportunities.



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