The "I'm Not Far Enough Along" Antidote

Sometimes I feel discouraged that I'm not farther along in my business.

I "should" have more subscribers, make more money, have a bigger tribe, know more famous people, be publishing a book, or even be less accessible (the real sign of making it).

And social media provides plenty of evidence to support my sorry case. At the touch of my fingers are all the successes, milestones, and celebrations of people who are doing bigger things with more pizazz.

Of course:

This is crazy talk.

My business is doing great.

There are exciting things on the horizon.

I adore my tribe.

I have great friends and colleagues.

I have plenty to celebrate.

I'm making enough money.

But, with all this being true, it can still be hard to shake the "I'm not far enough alongs." Some days, all I see are the holes.

However, I have found a person who helps me see things in a different way. Who helps me see the good that is there, the accomplishments, and can really appreciate all that I have done.

That person is Me From Three Years Ago.

Me From Three Years Ago was in a day job I had outgrown, was shedding a career I had outgrown, and unclear about what the next chapter in my career would look like.

I wish I could go back to her and say,

You might not believe me now, but in three years, you'll have written a guide that hundreds of people have found useful and that helps pay your bills, you'll have created your own process for career change that makes lasting, significant changes in people's lives, you'll have meet and collaborated with courageous, amazing people who write books and solve problems, and your clients will be some of the most inspiring people you've ever met, and they're also great people to hang out with.

And PS - this will be your primary source of income.

Would Me From Three Years Ago believe it? She'd certainly be impressed and excited for what was to come.


What's one thing that You From Three (or 5 or 10) Years Ago would be amazed to learn about how things are now?