The Best Career Blogs for Women Who Want to Make a Difference

If you’ve looked around online for career resources, you may have noticed that most of them fall within one of three categories: 

  1. They’re written for entrepreneurs.
  2. They look Instaglamourous, but have no real substance.
  3. The graphics and advice appear to be from 1993. 

But good news—there are relevant, attractive, helpful career blogs out there. While I hope this blog is one of your favorites, I know the value of having fresh sources of inspiration. I hope you’ll enjoy some new finds in this round up of the best 20 career blogs for women who want to make a difference. 

Because you know it’s not just about climbing a ladder and getting gold stars for achievement. It’s about building a whole life, and having a career that allows you to contribute to something bigger than yourself. Here are the best blogs to help you do that, alphabetically. 

Some of them are written specifically for women, and others have a message that's important for women on the rise. 

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The Best Career Blogs for Women Who Want to Make a Difference 


Black Career Women’s Network 

While the BCWN is dedicated to the professional growth of African-American women, most of the resources here are beneficial for all women. There are tips to grow in your current role, change careers, and handle tricky social situations at work. 

Start with: Navigating Micro-Aggressions in the Workplace 


Blue Sky Resumes 

Hands down the best resume resource for creative professionals. Articles on resume writing, job search strategies, building a successful career, and creating a strong online presence. 

Start with: Career Change: A Little Straight Talk


Career Contessa

The Career Contessa blog has multiple authors and strives to be a place for “honest conversations by real women.” Especially geared towards Millennials, categories include work, life, money, wellness, and culture. Articles are quick to read and actionable. 

Start with: What No One Tells You About Quitting Your Day Job  


Chris Guillebeau

Chris is an author, world-traveler, and host of the annual World Domination Summit. He writes about travel, life, and work for “unconventional people doing remarkable things." You can sort his blog by topic in case you’re only into the career stuff. His writing is always a good reminder that you don’t have to do things the “normal” way. 

Start with: Make Two Blockbusters for Every Arthouse Film


Chronicle Vitae

A great resource for those in higher ed, addressing the job search, teaching effectiveness, and navigating the changing waters of education. 

Start with: What Part-Timers Wish Full-Timers Knew




The Daily Worth bills itself as “every woman's guide to money, career, and business.” While you will find more typically feminine-themed topics like work-life balance, what I love about The Daily Worth is their no-nonsense financial and career advice. 

Start with: My Company Countered My New Job Offer - What Should I Do? 



Ellen is a career & business strategist for people with big ideas and ambitions. I appreciate how she honors having aspirational goals by also advocating good old fashioned grit. The highlight of her blog is the “Ask Ellen” series where she answers readers questions, Dear Abby style. 

Start with: Ask Alex & Ellen: Do I Need a World That Changes the World to Be Happy?



Idealist Careers helps purpose-driven professionals find and land social impact careers. From finding your passion to the job search to leading once you have the job, this is a hub for social-good and non-profit career advice. 

Start with: How I found a job in a new city before moving there



Kathy is a career coach who specializes in helping women get out of their own way and overcome professional crises to reach their potential. Her blog is a nice mix of “how to,” think pieces, and inspiration. 

Start with: Why You’ve Hit a Career Wall, and What To Do About It



Are you a Baby Boomer looking for a meaningful “second act” career? Kerry’s blog is your first stop. She knows that you don’t have to start from scratch to have a job you love. 

Start with: Best Places to Launch a Second Career



The Levo blog is specifically for people at the start of their professional journey, but there are plenty of solid resources for every stage of your career, including topics like being more confident at work, handling difficult situations with co-workers, and how to speak up at meetings. 

Start with: How to Create a Positive Outlook After Getting Negative Feedback



Yes! Someone else who understands that in The Purpose Paradigm, life and work are integrated. These guys get modern career challenges and opportunities.

Start with: 8 Tips on Dealing with a Difficult Boss



Written by author and career coach Jenny Blake, this blog is full of articles about all things post-college, but of course I admire the career articles the most. Jenny has had an impressive and varied career, and she brings that experience to bear on her blog. 

Start with: 6 Ways to Manage a Side Hustle Without Going Insane



My Domaine is a lifestyle blog for women with Pinterest-worhty appeal, and their Career & Money category is a mix of quick action advice and “here’s how she did it” profiles of successful women.

Start with: Ask Yourself These 6 Questions Before You Quit Your Job



Penelope is a polarizing writer in the best way possible. If you’re not turned off by her live tweeting her miscarriage, calling out people she hates, and writing about sex on a career site, you will love her candor. 

Start with: Living Up to Your Potential is BS



Seth is a best-selling author (I love reading his stuff while traveling) who writes about marketing, leadership, and the way ideas spread. Reading him is always a good shake up and inspires action. 

Start with: A Manifesto for Small Teams Doing Important Work 



Tara is an expert on women’s leadership and well-being. Her ground-breaking book, Playing Big, helps women share their voices and ideas in work and life. Lots of grounded, sensitive writing on her blog. 

Start with: 10 Rules for Brilliant Women



The Muse is a multi-authored blog with career advice articles, and I think their best resources are in the job search category. If you know what you want to do and your search has stalled, mix up your strategy with their advice. 

Start here: 5 Fast Ways to Make Yourself More Hireable This Week



Career coach Michelle Ward helps creative women create their dream careers. Having left the corporate world to start her own business, Michelle’s “I’ve been there” blog features articles on discovering what you want to, ditching your day job, and starting a creative business. Lots of personality, loads of substance. 

Start with: 8 Ways to Get Through Your Day Job Without Shooting Yourself in the Face




On the surface, this looks like a blog about productivity, but the articles are much deeper than “how to get stuff done.” A great resource for insights on creativity, leadership, and making ideas happen. 

Start with: The Power of Creative Cross Training: How Experimentation Creates Possibility


Do you have a favorite that I missed? Let me know in the comments.