Purpose Profile: Super Love Tees

Likers Gonna Like Tee Gray from Super Love Tees

This guest post is by Abby Kerr of The Voice Bureau


Today we are spotlighting an apparel brand called Super Love Tees. Their tagline is Graphic Tees Inspired By Love. The brand describes its product as “ultra-soft, love-themed graphic tees and yoga clothes that spread love and good vibes throughout the world." I'd add that it's a flattering, feminine line of hand-screened designs in an array of gentle yet vibrant colors with soothing/uplifting/poetic sayings.

It's the kind of collection that inspires you to ask not, "Do I want one?" but "Which one do I want?" and "Which friend do I want to buy one for first?"

This company first caught my eye on Instagram and Facebook when a friend of mine shared a photo of herself wearing one of their designs. Having used to own a lifestyle store and (because of that) having surveyed dozens and dozens of casual apparel lines over the years, I knew at a glance that these tees fit just right and their vintage-inspired color washes were gloriously timeworn-looking yet modern.

Los Angeles-based owner Theresa Roth is also the designer, paint mixer, and silkscreener for the line. She completes every shirt by hand. (Seriously? Wow. My guess is, not for much longer.)

One cool feature about the line is the ability to customize your look -- you select your tee style and color and you can alter the text to some degree and make color changes, with Theresa's approval.


On her site, Theresa says, “I only sources tees from companies that abide by Fair Labor Association (FLA) Workplace Code of Conduct, and whose sewing shops are Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (WRAP) certified. I try to be mindful of ecology, and only use recycled materials from EcoEnclose for packaging. I also re-use all my screens, use non toxic ink for my designs.”

These ethical and responsible business practices underscore the 'love one another and love the world' credo that flows throughout the brand. I admire small businesses who insist upon ethical practices and ask customers and the public to hold them accountable by sharing these policies prominently on their site.


Super Love Tees has a cult following who calls itself the #GoodVibeTribe. With over 10 thousand Instagram followers, this brand is extremely adept at using social media to connect and share its mission and message. Among the fans featured on the brand's Who's Wearing Us page, you'll find renowned yoga teacher Kathryn Budig and author and speaker Gabrielle Bernstein. Alongside these high profile personalities, Super Love Tees features other fans' Instagrams of themselves sporting the line. They've done a stellar job at building and promoting community. A hashtag is a fantastic social sharing technique for brands who offer a product, especially one that's easily attainable and fun to share.

Many brands say they are about love, but Super Love Tees lives and models it. They’re a brilliant example of taking a simple and well-worn idea that could easily fall prey to cliché (L.O.V.E.) and translating it across an entire brand conversation in a way that's fresh and addictively shareable. Their line is a great reminder that honing in on ONE great idea and going deeply into it never goes out of style.

The site’s visual brand is clean and minimalistic, allowing for a distraction-free shopping experience that reflects the zen mindset the line espouses. The site copy, from the About page to the product description of each tee, is similarly clean, clear, and casual. No dreamy puffery here, just straight up 'what you see is what you get.'


So how does this brand's values translate into making money?

At this point, it appears that all the business's revenues come from apparel sales, and it's not clear whether Super Love Tees wholesales their wares to boutiques to resell.

The brand backs up its mission and message of spreading universal love by being helpful and accessible to buyers; the website even features height and weight measurements of models in the photos, along with what size they're wearing, for aid in sizing yourself. And even more obviously, Super Love Tees puts their message on to their designs. Finally, their prices are affordable and competitive, when compared to an apparel line like Alternative Apparel who offers a similar aesthetic for a higher price.

They regularly run sales, which they advertise on social media and via their e-newsletter. You can opt-in from their website for updates or follow them on social media.

Now over to you. What do you notice about Super Love Tees that makes them so accessible and fun to share?