9 Reasons Online Business is Great for Introverts

More than anything, you want to do work that makes difference and really helps people, but you’re also total introvert who gets worn out by lots of interaction with people. 

Then, my friend, an having an online business may be for you. It can be MAGIC for introverts. Hello, my name is Laura and I’m an introvert with an online business. How do I love it? Let me count the ways. 


9 Reasons Online Business is Great for Introverts


1 | You Have Ownership Over Your Career

This is a huge responsibility and means there’s no one else to blame for your failures, but GAH it feels so good to own what you do and be in charge of your destiny. 


2 | You Can (Mostly) Work at Your Own Pace

Aside from deadlines you set for yourself, working independently means that you can take as long or short as you like on tasks. If you know you need lots of time to process new ideas, you can build that into your schedule. If you want to batch tasks and spend all day intensely focused on one thing, or conversely build lot of variety into your day, you can. 


3 | You Can Set Your Own Daily Schedule

Early bird? Night owl? Childcare? Not a problem. In addition to the freedom and flexibility, getting to choose when you work means you can work when you feel most energized, no matter what the clock says. 


4 | You Can Control Your Work Environment

Fluorescent lights, neon accent walls, and uncomfortable chairs begone! If you’re working at home, you can adjust the lighting, noise, colors, everything tactile, and even the smell. When your environment greatly affects your mood, focus, and productivity, this is a huge deal. 


5 | You Can Scale Your Work to Accommodate Your Life

Knowing that I someday hoped to be a parent, this was one of the big things I had in mind when I started my business. When my son was born, I was able to give myself a four month maternity leave and gradually ramp back up as everyone was getting more sleep. Being able to dial up and dial back the intensity of my work based on life events has been such a blessing. 


6 | You Can Make Adjustments to Your Career on the Fly

If something in your career is not working, you have the power to fix is very quickly without having to go to a boss or get approval from other people. Want to shift from services to products? Do it. Want to stop blogging and start podcasting? Do it. 


7 | You Can Choose Who You Work With

As an employee, you cross your fingers and hope that no a-holes get hired. (No, I don’t want to take notes in this meeting, Brian). As a small business owner, you have a lot of influence over who you work with. Through your branding, offers, prices, and policies, you decide who is welcome and who is not. subliminal message I have the best clients ever I love you all.


8 | You Rarely Have to Leave Your House

I mean, unless you want to. But really. 


9 | You Get to Do Good in a Way That Feels Good

I know you want to do something that matters and will make a difference. Having an online business lets you do that without being beholden to someone else’s priorities, values, or business practices. You get to do good and feel good about it.