13 Reasons to WAIT Before Starting Your Business

You want to start a business, but your tendency is to wait. 

Wait until you have all the answers
Wait until starting your business doesn’t feel overwhelming
Wait for other people to approve
Wait until you can quit your job
Wait until you’re comfortable introducing yourself as a business owner
Wait until you’re as polished as people who have been in business for years
Wait until you pick the perfect brand colors or font
Wait until you have a professional headshot
Wait until you can spend $10K on a website designer & developer & branding strategist
Wait until you have a drool-worthy Instagram account
Wait until your first client drops out of the sky
Wait for a sign that you’re ready
Wait for someone else to tell you to go ahead

But the thing is...

No one’s going to choose you
Your desire is the sign
Clients need to know what you can do for them before they appear
You don’t have to live a camera-ready life to make money
New businesses should focus on what they do more than how they look
A selfie is fine to start with
Your branding will change, anyway
A beginner is the only thing you can be
You’ll grow into your new role
Starting your business now is what will allow you to quit your job later
Your approval is what really matters
It’s only overwhelming when you try to do it all at once
You get answers when you start doing

The wait is over when you decide it is.