How Focusing on Purpose can be a Career Game-Changer

The transition into purpose-driven, meaningful work can be intimidating. It involves taking risks, facing uncertainty, and trying new things. It takes courage. These Purpose Profiles spotlight clients who have done just that. They are men and women just like you, with bills, kids, debt, and dreams. Their career journeys all look a little different, but what they have in common is the pursuit of a career that feels like home. I hope getting a glimpse of their stories will inspire you. 

Here's Sarah's story...

What kind of work were you doing before we worked together, and how did you know that you needed to make a change in your career?

I am still working as a marketing manager at a large tech company, but I am working on my exit plan to move into my next career as a life coach. 

When I started this journey, I had not felt like I was passionate about anything--job, personal life…nothing. A friend pointed out to me that I was passionate about mentoring the co-op students that reported to me. She said I lit up when I spoke about my students and this led me to think about coaching and wondering if it was a viable career for me. 

Given my current job is really just helping a big company make money, it does not lend itself to enabling me to find any personal sense of fulfillment.

I knew I needed to really dig in and see of “coaching” was a viable career choice for me. I had a gut feeling that it was, and the more I did it in an informal sense, the more I realized that I was happiest when I had these types of discussions and less happy doing the “job”. That is when I found Laura. You can read more about this on my blog at:


What is your Homecoming Career, and what makes it meaningful to you? 

My Homecoming Career is being a life coach for women who are going through some sort of transition. My mantra is Guiding Women into Alignment with their Authentic Selves.

In my work with women, I am able to help guide them to what they already know deep inside. We all have answers to the questions we seek of ourselves, and it is my job to help my clients dig underneath whatever may be keeping them stuck and help them see things in a different light – a new perspective, but ultimately one that they already know. Typically we get underneath the Fear that is holding them back and allow their inner light to shine.

Doing this work lights me up in ways I had never imagined. I love what I do – hearing my client reach an aha moment of clarity is my favourite part of following this calling.

How has focusing on purpose changed things for you?

It has really been a game changer for me. Even though I am still working in my “old” career full-time, it has enabled me to truly follow my passion and do meaningful work in my personal time.

I do not have a sense of personal fulfillment in the “day” job at all.  It is a means to an end only. Being able to coach and to start the process of building a business that I can transition to full time, has given me a new sense of purpose and genuine feeling of doing something meaningful for myself and for others. 

I have had to dig deep and trust that I can do this work and I can truly see where this will take me in the future.  I have grown in so many ways during this journey and have healed many old wounds and that alone has been of huge value to me. I have a renewed sense of self, one that I am very proud of.

I am looking forward to the day of my exit from the day job and my entrance into full time focus of my coaching practice!


What would you tell someone who wants to do more meaningful work?

If you are tuning into your intuition and there is a little niggling in the back of your head to do this kind of work, please don’t ignore it.

You are receiving this message because you are meant to do it. It will just keep niggling at you until you take some action. It may be scary to think about making big changes in your life, but I promise you that it is totally worth it!


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