What If I Discover I'm Horrible at What I Want To Do?

Right now: Day job. Grind. Work that doesn't challenge you. A company that doesn't give you the resources you need to do your best work. Burnout. Resentment. No signs of change on the horizon.

You hope: To ride off into the sunset doing your Big Dream. The career that would light you up. Make you shine. Do a bit of good in this world. Forever and ever amen.

The hitch: What if you discover that you're horrible at what you want to do?

What if you're horrible at what you want to do?! What if that ride into the sunset is actually a one-way ticket to failure, humiliation, and financial ruin? And then you're worse off than when you started so you'll just stay in your dead end job, please and thank you.

The truth: When you do it the smart way, there is no ride into the sunset. If you're horrible at what you want to do, you discover that before you rearrange your whole life for it.

How? You start experimenting with the Big Dream on a small scale.

You write a blog. You lead a workshop. You work at Big Dream, Inc for 5 hours a week. You date the Big Dream. You flirt with it. You get to know each other. You learn what you need to learn in order to do it well. You get a sense of what it really takes. You practice.

If you're horrible at it? You'll figure that out pretty quickly, but you will have done it with the security of your regular job to keep you safe.

Your departure from the grind will be a gradual one. No rides into the sunset, but lots of structure, safeguards, and baby steps. Not nearly as dramatic, but the view is still to die for.

Chances are: You're going to be amazing at it.