Helen's Your Career Homecoming Story

If you've been thinking about Your Career Homecoming, there are lots of Success Stories for you to read about, but I wanted to bring one of those stories to life for you. Meet Helen.

Helen did the 2014 round of YCH, and I asked her to tell us the story of her career change through Your Career Homecoming.

Here's what you'll hear in this video:

  • Why her pursuing her passion wasn't working
  • Her existential crisis around finding the right work
  • How she applied for dozens of jobs with discouraging results (really common when you don't know what you want and the reason I will put on craigslist probation in YCH)
  • About her fears of being back at square one even after YCH
  • How finding new communities helped her through this transition time
  • The unexpected way everything has fallen into place (also a running theme among YCH alums)
  • How she was able to quit her job with integrity and grace

What about Helen's story strikes you the most? Let me know in the comments. Want to keep up with Helen? You can find her online here and follow her adventures on Instagram.

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