What I Learned From a Healer (Trust Me)

I once worked with a healer.

Me. Practical, skeptical, I'll-pass-on-the-woo-woo,-thanks, me.

A good friend had started doing "healing work," whatever that meant. But I trusted her, and was curious enough to give it a try. She was healing everyone from ballet dancers to professors in big, bad, hardened New York, so it couldn't be that woo-woo, right?

She was visiting from out of town and improvised a set-up. I lay prostrate on a yoga mat covered by an old comforter in a second story Los Angeles apartment. Would healing be loud? The windows were open.

For about an hour, she asked me questions and "moved my energy" by poking and yelping at my chakras in short bursts.

"Do you deserve to make money? Yes or no quickly."


"Are you sure?"


"Are you ready to release your fears about money?


"Heh! Ho! Peht! Peht! Puehweeee!"

I did have fears about money. Would they shift as chakras were poked? They were old fears and didn't fit in with the new me. The me that had my own business. The me who made 5 times more per hour than in my last part-time job. The me who accepted that money likes ease. And that making money could be easy. And joyful.

Chakras adequately addressed, my healer (!) and I talked after our session.

"You believe that it can be easy to make money, yes?"

"Yeah, but I've only thought that in the last year or so. Before I always thought I had to work really hard and be kinda miserable before I made real money."

"So the idea of money being easy is a new for you; it's one year old for you. Go easy on it. It'll grow and get stronger. You're a one-year old at making money with ease."

And that was all the healing I needed.

I was a one-year old at making money with ease. So I nurtured that one-year old. I praised her when she did well, I forgave her when she struggled. But most of all, I saw her for who she was. New. Young. Learning.

I didn't know my chakras from a hill of beans, but I did know how to love a one-year old. Can you love your age?