From Tech Coder to Event Designer: How One New Entrepreneur is Shaking Up Her Industry

The transition into purpose-driven, meaningful work can be intimidating. It involves taking risks, facing uncertainty, and trying new things. It takes courage. These Purpose Profiles spotlight clients who have done just that. They are men and women just like you, with bills, kids, debt, and dreams. Their career journeys all look a little different, but what they have in common is the pursuit of a career that feels like home. I hope getting a glimpse of their stories will inspire you. 

Here's Nicole's story. She's a very special client because she participated in Your Career Homecoming and 90 Day Business Launch. And she is killing it in her new business. 


How did you know that you were ready to start a business?

I knew I was ready to start a business at the end of my journey with Laura's Your Career Homecoming. Through the program, I formed a solid foundation of what meaningful work actually means to me - what that work looks like, feels like and the ideal environment that work could happen in. It was the type of clarity I thought only other people could have.

I now understand why I want to work. I know I want to help women feel strong, confident and beautiful. I am an artist and I believe that my art can make people feel. I understand how important making people feel comfortable with kindness, hospitality, and humor is to me. Starting a floral & event design business is not something that I had ever considered before. Although I have always felt a deep connection to design and making spaces beautiful, I had spent the past several years sitting behind a computer at a tech company...knee-deep in code and analytics! Once I connected the dots, I knew starting this business was the next step for me. It felt right.


What’s it like to have a clear mission for your business?

The wedding industry is full of glitter, emotion, tulle and insecurity. It’s a big business. Without having a clear mission for my business, I would not have made any progress. Having a solid grip on why I’m doing this work keeps me focused and feeling good. I know the type of people I want to serve and what I do for them.

Even when I’m soaked in dirty flower water or having yet another uncomfortable conversation about how much flowers actually cost, I know I’m shaking up the wedding industry. In my own small way. That’s what matters to me.

I don’t know if I’ll do this specific type of work forever but I know my purpose and why I want to work won’t change. It’s liberating.


What’s the biggest lesson you learned from launching your business in 90 days?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from launching my business is that I’m enough. It’s easy to make excuses. I know because I used to do it all the time. I can’t do x, because I don’t have y. I don’t know how to x, so I can’t do y. You can save a whole lot of money and time by simply taking smallest next step. Send that email. Call that person. Create without instruction.

Working with Laura and Michelle Ward on my 90 Day Business Launch plan was the best investment I have made. They helped me cut down my overwhelm and finally stop hiding behind my excellent collection of excuses. All I had to do was put on foot in front of the other and take those small steps. It was the momentum I needed to get moving with my business.


Where can we see more of what you do online? 

You can find out more about me and my work on my website and on Instagram.


Big thanks for sharing your story, Nicole!