Does Your Career Look Like a Pinterest Fail?

You ever seen a Pinterest Fail?

A Pinterest Fail is what happens when a project found on Pinterest doesn’t go so well for the eager try-this-at-home maker. They range from hilarious to grotesque, but none of them closely resemble the original or what the maker was going for. 

For most people, career change goes the same way. 

You find a “recipe” (advice/strategy/tactic) that you think will produce a beautiful result, but when you try it yourself it’s just a mess. 


Here are some common career change recipes you might have tried: 

THE BAND-AID: Trying to improve your situation at your current job by taking on more/less/different responsibilities. The fail: This temporary fix never works for long.

THE SWITCHEROO:  Applying for and/or taking a new job. The fail: You search hundreds of postings but none of them look quite right and you end up even more discouraged. After the newness of the new job wears off, you’re right back where you started.

THE BIG BRAINSTORM: Making lists of your interests, “if the money didn’t matter” scenarios, and job titles that sound mildly interesting with the hopes of finding a clear winner in the bunch: The fail: You don’t have the education to do some of these things, the money does matter, and you don’t even know if you’d like them for the long haul, anyway.

THE PASSION PLAN: Monetizing one/some of your passions. The fail: You don’t know how to combine your passions into one career/business, you don’t know how it would make money, and you’re too worn out from your job to get a side hustle going.

THE PARENT TRAP: Unsure what else to do, you take your parents’ advice to do something “practical” to please them/get them off your back. The fail: Your parents chill about your future, but you’re the one showing up to a job you hate every day.

THE PERSONAL RENAISSANCE: Using personal development tools like therapy, personality tests, mantras, meditation, and self-help books to fix your career. The fail: Not knowing how to apply all that self-knowledge to your career.

THE CAREER COUNSELOR: Working with a traditional career advisor. The fail: Often treats you as a test result and is at a loss when you don’t like the recommended careers based on your assessment test. Views your work as completely separate from your life and lifestyle wants.

THE POLLSTER: Trying to figure out what your career should be based on advice and observations from other people like, “You’re such a people person!” or “You’re so good with children.” The fail: All this input muddies the water and you don’t even know what you want anymore. Also, some of their ideas sound awful.

THE CREATIVE PROJECT: Using creative projects like blogging, photography, or art journaling to keep yourself distracted and/or stumble upon your “thing.” The fail: Distraction only works for so long, and just because you enjoy something in your free time doesn’t mean it would make a sustainable career for you.

THE BUBBLE-BATH CURE: Using self-care to manage the stress from your job. The fail: Doesn’t directly address the cause of the stress: your job.  

THE SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: Spending more time with friends and family to compensate for how much your job sucks. The fail: You still have to go to work on Monday.


That’s a lot of failed recipes, and a lot of frustration. 

Sareer change is not a DIY job. 

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