The Art of Doing Big Things with Chris Guillebeau

Next month I’ll be sharing the (brand new!) Your Career Homecoming Training Series, which will teach you exactly how to find a meaningful career. Until then, I thought you’d really enjoy hearing from some of the Guest Faculty members of Your Career Homecoming.

Interviews with the guests allow us to go deeper into specific topics and bring their unique points of view to our particular challenge: In a world that wants us to live in a cubicle, how can we find a career that feels like home?

Great interview with Chris Guillebeau about doing big things and leaving a legacy


The following is an excerpt from my interview with guest Chris Guillebeau, author, world traveler, and community builder.

We talked a lot about legacy: what is it, and how we can build one? In this excerpt I ask him:

If we want to leave a legacy, do we have to do something big?

Because honestly, it's intimidating to look around the internet or the world and see all the big things people are doing.

Knowing Chris, his answer is no big surprise, but it is big inspiration.

We want to do something big. We can.

Hear from Chris:

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What are your obstacles to doing big things?