How to Do a Systems Audit for Your Business

Last year I did a big systems audit of my business. I reached a point where my choices were either to accept spending a lot of time on admin, hire someone to help with admin, or upgrade my systems so my tools would do more of the work for me. I went for the systems upgrade.

I changed almost all of the platforms that I use behind the scenes. Switching that many things at once was a total pain, but I’m so glad that made the changes I did because everything runs more smoothly now. I get to spend less time on admin, and more time on the creative, content, and clients, which is exactly where I need to be investing my time as CEO of Laura Simms Enterprises. 


How to Do a Systems Audit for Your Business

Are you ready for a systems upgrade? 

Ask these questions to do your own systems audit:


Do the tools you use frustrate you? 

This was the biggest reason I switched things up. I wanted everything to be as streamlined and simple as possible. The tech you use should make your day easier. If your tools are stressing you out, it’s time to look into other options. 


How efficient are your recurring tasks? 

We all have business tasks that we repeat on either a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. If you have to do a task on a regular basis, like blogging, posting to social media, invoicing, or on-boarding clients, use tools that will make those processes more efficient. 


How efficient are launches? 

Launches are intense periods that usually involve a lot of moving pieces. I wanted to reduce them to as few pieces as possible so I would pull out less of my hair during them. I felt a bit like I was twiddling my thumbs during my last two launches, which is a foreign but liberating feeling. 


How flexible is your website? 

As a business owner, it’s to your benefit be able to update your website at anytime without shelling out big bucks to a designer or coder. Need a new sales page? New landing page? If you can add those yourself, your business will be more nimble and you’ll save money. 


What else can you automate? 

The less time you can spend doing admin, the better. What else in your business could you automate or create a better system for? Systems = saved time = you can do more of the real work. You know, the work you started your business to do?


What are your monthly and yearly recurring expenses? 

Take a look at the services and tools you pay for each month and year. Are you getting a good value for your investment? Are you paying for things you don’t use? Let the numbers inform what changes you need to make. 


How much time are you spending on admin? 

My guess is that you don’t have an accurate understanding of how much time you spend on admin tasks. You know how much time it feels like you’re spending, but you don’t have real data. Get the data. I use a time tracking software so I know exactly how I’m dividing my time. It’s quite possible that if you invest in better systems, you’ll free up your time so you can generate income to more than compensate for the cost of the systems upgrades. That’s been true for me.