9 Reasons Online Business is Great for Introverts

More than anything, you want to do work that makes difference and really helps people, but you’re also total introvert who gets worn out by lots of interaction with people. 

Then, my friend, an having an online business may be for you. It can be MAGIC for introverts. Hello, my name is Laura and I’m an introvert with an online business. How do I love it? Let me count the ways. 

A Simple Way to Feel More Powerful

A couple weekends ago, I took my boyo, age 3, to an arts festival. Which, to be fair, was really more for me than him, but he was a good sport and seemed to enjoy looking at the wares. After that we went to lunch, and then (in a rare turn of events) he actually asked if he could go home and nap. Asking for nap? This mama was not gonna miss this opportunity! And so we headed home. 

On the way, we passed another big outdoor festival. There were lots of people and balloons and white tents. Looked fun, but I was ready to get this kid home. 

We must have seen it at the same time. 

From Tech Coder to Event Designer: How One New Entrepreneur is Shaking Up Her Industry

Here's Nicole's story. She's a very special client because she participated in Your Career Homecoming and 90 Day Business Launch. And she is killing it in her new business. 


How did you know that you were ready to start a business?

I knew I was ready to start a business at the end of my journey with Laura's Your Career Homecoming. Through the program, I formed a solid foundation of what meaningful work actually means to me - what that work looks like, feels like and the ideal environment that work could happen in. It was the type of clarity I thought only other people could have.