How to Be New in Business Without Being a Fraud

You’d like to start a business and already have some of it planned out in your head. But who are you kidding? Why would someone pay you when there are more experienced people out there? You’re no expert; you’d be a fraud to take their money!


Seeing what your role models have done and allowing that to encourage you is called inspiration.

Seeing what your role models have done and allowing that to stop you is called comparison. And it’s deadly. It kills careers, and it kills dreams. 

13 Reasons to WAIT Before Starting Your Business

You want to start a business, but your tendency is to wait. 

Wait until you have all the answers
Wait until starting your business doesn’t feel overwhelming
Wait for other people to approve
Wait until you can quit your job
Wait until you’re comfortable introducing yourself as a business owner
Wait until you’re as polished as people who have been in business for years
Wait until you pick the perfect brand colors or font
Wait until you have a professional headshot
Wait until you can spend $10K on a website designer & developer & branding strategist
Wait until you have a drool-worthy Instagram account
Wait until your first client drops out of the sky
Wait for a sign that you’re ready
Wait for someone else to tell you to go ahead

But the thing is...

9 Reasons Online Business is Great for Introverts

More than anything, you want to do work that makes difference and really helps people, but you’re also total introvert who gets worn out by lots of interaction with people. 

Then, my friend, an having an online business may be for you. It can be MAGIC for introverts. Hello, my name is Laura and I’m an introvert with an online business. How do I love it? Let me count the ways.