Power Your Career With Purpose

You want to work with someone who can see who you are, nurture what you're capable of, and give it to you straight. 

Great. That's what I do.

Working together, you'll connect the dots between your personal sense of purpose and the bottom line so your work is a genuine reflection of who you are. We always consider the life you want so you're building a career you'll want to keep. 


Here's how we can work together:


Your Career Homecoming

Find a career that feels like home.

I'll teach you exactly how to discover the meaningful work that's right for you. You’ll get practical tools, personalized guidance, and renewed confidence so you can make choices that are both sensible and exciting as you discover (and go after) the career that is right for you. 

Returning Fall 2017

90 Day Business Launch

Get your business out of your head and onto the web. 

Career coach Michelle Ward and I create a custom launch plan unique to your business idea. That's right: we do it for you so all you have to do is follow your plan. 

Returning Summer 2017